“As a collector, I want to foster, albeit in a very small way, the conditions necessary for an artist to create great art.” 

Bill Mitchell

From letter dated October 15, 2010


Bill and Paula Mitchell have been collecting fine art and craft for over 20 years. They enjoy building relationships with artists whose work they find appealing. Several years ago they came to the realization that “…the current conditions whereby a collector visits a show or gallery, hopefully purchasing what an artist has on display, may not be moving art forward as well as it might.” Furthermore, “Absent a better arrangement, there seems to be pressure placed on an artist, subtle or otherwise, to create what he or she believes the market will ultimately accept.”


The Mitchells decided it was time for them to come up with a new model that would establish a different type of relationship between the artist and the collector. What follows are the core principles.

·        There are no guidelines for the commissioned work.

·       Price of work is tentatively established after a discussion period but not set in stone.

·       The collector will send monthly payments to the artist.

·        However, there are no time limits imposed on the artist to complete the work.

·        The collector has no right of refusal.


Bill concludes: “In this arrangement I envision, you will feel free to follow a path you might not

 otherwise pursue for fear a piece created might not appeal to a collector and therefore not sell.”


Sculpture and Wood Turning by Richard Carner

Commissioned Piece

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